2014 Crossfit Open

What is the Open and why should I do it??

The 2014 CrossFit Open is upon us and I am anticipating yet another successful year at BCF. 

How it works is like this…you go to Crossfit.com and link to the Games page and register as an athlete for the Open.

You then sign up as a team member for Beaverton Crossfit, the BCF Bulldogs. Your scores will contribute to the team each week, and yes you are good enough!

So for 5 weeks we will train and compete as a gym against the NW, US, and world….pretty cool.  Each Friday we will do the Open WOD and turn in scores.

You can compare yourself to people in your age group, gender, or region….whatever you want.  It will show you where you are good and also expose weaknesses, both good things.

It is so great to be a part of the party like atmosphere that occurs and it really brings people together.  Many of you may PR a lift or acquire a new skill….so awesome!

After the 5 weeks ends we will have a post Open party at the Box…that is also a blast to partake in.  So don’t be shy, sign up and get on board and get ready to rock it for 5 weeks starting the end of Feb….TRAIN HARD!!



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