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Brad Beier

Stronger and Learning New Skills

Congratulations to Brad Beier, the May 2023 BSC Athlete of the Month!


Where were you in your fitness journey before BSC and where are you now?
I've been active all of my life (soccer, running, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, etc.) and enjoy the activity more when it can be shared with others. Prior to Covid I had a group fitness schedule at Nike that I really enjoyed. During Covid it was hard to keep my intensity and motivation using Zoom and an iPad. So before joining in the Summer of '21 I was in a slump.
What were your goals when you started and have you achieved any of them?
My cardio has always been decent, but I never consistently lifted heavy weights. Zoom workouts felt like a chore and I missed my fitness group. Fiona (my partner) had previous CrossFit experience so it was a common activity we could do together. The most important aspect is enjoying the workout and once that goal is achieved, I can layer in specific objectives. This year is getting muscle ups! Much of my motivation is tied to staying healthy. When I retire I want to be in good enough shape to do all the things!
What about BSC makes you keep coming back?
Mike Ford's Dad jokes, Joey's lunch updates, Derrick's ever worsening finger and the 11:30 peeps! And because I enjoy the classes I get a lot out of them. I'm stronger than I have ever been and learning skills which will allow me to thrive in the Zombie Apocalypse
When/what was your "ah ha!" moment?
I love the feeling of learning new skills. At BSC it was a kipping handstand pushup. Mike D saw me practicing prior to a WOD and said to think of sitting in a chair while upside down. That made it click for me. I'm hoping for many more moments just like that!
Does anyone at the gym (member or trainer) inspire you and why?
There is always at least one person I try to pace with during a workout. It helps fuel my competitive side even if they don't know they are 1 burpee ahead of me but I'm closing the gap. The person changes from workout to workout and I can't call anyone out at risk they move faster :)

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