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Carmen Orozco

Fitness and Friendships are Key!

We are pleased to announce Carmen Orozco is the December 2021 BSC Athlete of the Month!

Where were you in your fitness journey before BSC and where are you now?
I have been doing crossfit for the last five years off and on. I was out for 12 months during the beginning of Covid, just doing at homeworks. Until a friend invited me to BSC, because they were still open and training during Covid. I decided to join back in April of 2021, I thought about it because of the commute, it takes me 25 minutes to get there. After the first day of onboarding, I liked BSC, it felt like home. I was on a special diet to lose weight, and my body was asking for exercise. Between my diet and the training at BSC I feel that I'm on the right track to my fitness goals.
What were your goals when you started and have achieved any of them?
My goals are to be healthier, stronger and have a lean and toned body. Since I joined BSC, I have lost about 3+% body fat, I'm leaner and feel stronger. That is by following a Keto Athlete diet and showing up for training at 5:30 am class.
What about BSC makes you keep coming back?
It feels like home! The coaches and the community. The coaches are well prepared for class, they give me the advice and attention that I need. The community, we all support each other and also four of my friends that I know through crossfit for the last 5 years.
When/what was your "ah ha!" moment?
One day during the wod, we were doing toe to bar, and my hands were tearing and were bleeding. I just remember going to Mike and asking for tape and continuing as normal. I have been practicing the phrase " I'm not done when I'm tired, I'm done when it is over". It helps my mental stay to finish strong, of course not every day is a good day.
Does anyone at the gym (member or trainer) inspire you and why?
Yes, I have mostly worked with Sasha and Mike as trainers, both are a great inspiration for me. Due to their attention, they show that they care for you as an athlete not just as one more member in the gym, and my close friends, (Vishal, Monica, Raminder and Amy) that we communicate to make each other accountable to show up and work on PR's.

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