April 2011

Colleen T

If I had to describe myself before BCF, “athlete” would not have made the list.  “Full-time, working mom of two who hadn’t worked out in years” was more like it. 

My first trial class was a year ago and for the first 6 months, out of fear, I came on and off and never really committed.  I didn’t believe I could do this.  But 6 months ago I started coming for real (3-5x week) and focused on eating right. I felt stronger and better every week.  This past year I have lost 30 lbs and 3 pants sizes (more to go) and am surprising myself with what my body lets me do that my mind wouldn’t before.  My eldest started CrossFit Kids last month and I love that she now talks about being healthy, strong and fast … so great!

BCF truly changes lives.  I feel connected to a group of incredible people that do amazing things.  I am inspired and challenged everyday by each BCF athlete I meet (especially the ladies) and know this is a lifestyle I am committed to now and wouldn’t change for anything. Mike, Shelley, my honorary trainers, Steve and Jesse (and all the 8:30ers) … I can’t thank you enough for your support.  Looking forward to more fun to come!


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