Athlete of the Month – April 2016 – Daniel Thompson

My goal has always been to slim down. I have always been heavy even when extremely active. I came back to Oregon last May after working the oilfield and ended up helping my parents around the property. My goals were swiftly thrown on the back burner due to that. In Pennsylvania I had gone from around 345lbs down to 325 by avid bike riding around town. From then until December I stayed stagnant and even started to gain weighing in at 328 when I started CrossFit. I quickly realized how much muscle I had lost since leaving the oilfield not to mention stamina was non-existent. Within the first week I learned that everyone here works as a team and pushes each other to greater heights. That motivated me to come back even when I was trying to make excuses not to go.I have to thank everyone I have come into contact with here at BCF. It has been pivotal to my journey. Without the support I would have quit a long time ago. I’d like to specifically thank Mike, he convinced me to start Isagenix. In the first month at CrossFit I had only lost 10lbs. Then I started the program and I am currently down an additional 40lbs since the beginning of February! I am lighter now than I was in middle school. My energy has increase dramatically and I am able to push myself even further during the workouts. I hit massive PR’s I didn’t think were possible beginning of April. Going forward I have decided it is not only about weight loss anymore but also to get to RX on the workouts.I am excited to see where this takes all of us!

– Daniel 

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