Athlete of the Month – October 2016 – Hyoungjun Park

I did Kendo and boxing for 2 years each in my college but I’ve always been looking for something well-balanced and can boost my general health/fitness. At a box in Florida in ’08 I was introduced to the world of CrossFit which was the perfect fit to my needs. At ’10 after the graduate school, I moved to PNW for a job and checked out several boxes around my to-be-home and work place. I loved BCF at the first sight over others because of the huge open space with the high ceiling, and found Mike/Christine super friendly and helpful. (Not that other CrossFitters are unfriendly. CrossFitters are all awesome!)

Since I started CrossFit, it’s a bigger part of my life and more of a daily routine and BCF definitely made a big contribution to make it happen.

Over the last 6 years, there’re continuous minor/major changes in BCF–the coaching staff change, the gym venue move, facility upgrade, construction etc. Nonetheless, the classes have been maintained at the same high quality even in the middle of them. I’ve been really impressed by how Mike/Christine run the box and keep their standard high.

Personally I feel stronger and more confident in my health as well. I carry more beer bottles, heavier watermelons and cannonball my 12-y.o. in the pool (I have to admit I struggled a bit last year). A small wishlist of mine is to stay as strong when I get older so that I can do the same to my grandchild.

Every experience at BCF is fun but the best time is the Open every year when we cheer for each other. I can’t wait till the next one and getting inspired by all. Go Dawgs!

– HP

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