Athlete of the Month – May 2016 – Julie Peterson

Wow, when Mel told me I was Athlete of the Month I was beyond flattered. BCF has a group of wonderfully talented and kind individuals all of whom have inspired me.

I’ve been involved in sports, specifically competitive swimming, since I was 12 years old. I swam in high school, college, and now on a masters swim team. I’ve recently had a very successful meet this past April and will be competing at the U.S Swimming Nationals in August. There is no doubt that CrossFit has helped me tremendously in reaching this goal.

I started CrossFit in October 2014 when I hit a plateau in my previous training program and could no longer run with my two boys in my double stroller. I researched several gyms and programs around the Beaverton area and kept coming back to CrossFit. I needed something that was going to test my limits and complement my swim training. I’ll be honest I was so nervous the first three months of CrossFit I think I sweated more on my drive to the box than I did in class. But, slowly over time, I realized that it’s not about how fast you run, or how heavy your lifts are. It’s about improving yourself and going on an amazing personal journey.

When I started at BCF I knew absolutely nothing about Oly lifts, competitions, couldn’t do a pullup, climb a rope, and many other elements. My Oly lifts are progressing and I can now do pullups and get up the rope. I thought there was no way on earth would I ever do a CrossFit competition, but my husband Fred and I competed in the Valentine’s Day Massacre and we had the best time. I’ve been bitten by the competition bug!

I was asked what Coach or person inspires me at BCF, and without sounding too corny, everyone has. Every Coach has given me great information to get me one step further in my journey. We all lead busy lives and the fact that we are all making time to better ourselves is inspiration in itself.

Thank you to the coaches, Mike, Christine and Mel. Your passion for fitness and people truly show and we are lucky to have a place like BCF.

– Julie

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