August 2012

Lissa Birou – 

Lissa walked into Beaverton CrossFit right after the new year and hasn’t looked back.  Lissa is a great example of how consistent training, good eating (paleo), and having a positive attitude can change you as an athlete and person. We have watched as Lissa progressed from using just a barbell on some WODs to recently going Rx. And to top that she just last week did the competitive WOD, 5k run-5k row in under an hour! Seem easy, go ahead and try it, it’s tough.

Lissa is always positive, works hard and cheers others on when she is done which is why we all enjoy having her at BCF. We all look forward to many more training sessions with Lissa and watching her get Faster, Tougher, and Stronger (FTS!)….GO LISSA!

– Mike Ford


BeavertonCrossFit has been possibly the best exercise experience I’ve had.  I used to be a member of a local health club.  Two times a week I would show up for an hour, run the treadmill and go through some of the machines.  I was never really seeing or feeling any real gains.  I would jog a lot on my own, but that just kept me at status quo.  Run to eat mentality.  It was in Nov 2011 when I started paleo in my quest to start eating healthier than ramen noodles, pizzas and burgers.  I looked healthy but did not feel healthy.  New Year’s rolled around and I decided to give CrossFit a try.  I walked in to Beaverton CrossFit and met Bryan.  I told Bryan the first day, I want to be able to do one full pull up and lift more than just the bar.  What do I need to do to accomplish this?  His response, show up 3-4 times a week and keep eating healthy.  Well, it’s six months later and guess what? I can do one pull-up and lift things with weight.  I’ve moved from

lifting nothing and having very little muscle strength to being able to do a RX WOD!  It’s apparent everyone at BCF has the same sense of camaraderie, self-improvement and addiction to the results CrossFit provides.  I constantly talk about CrossFit and how great it is.  I crave the intensity and how great I feel after.  I have found the perfect combination of diet and exercise for me finally.  I remember when Bryan asked when I’m gonna get a pair of weight lifting shoes and my response was “when I can actually lift some weight!”  Baby needs a new pair of shoes!  Do they come in purple?! Thanks to Mike, Christine, Val and especially Bryan and the 6:30p class for helping me stay fit, motivated and happy! I’ve never looked forward to exercise until now.

– Lissa Birou


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