August 2013

The Beaverton CrossFit environment has been great because not only can I fit it into my schedule; the 5:45 AM class fits with work and family of 5; I don’t have to worry about my own programming! I just show up and work, I get excellent coaching (only got hurt once when I failed to listen :-)) and I come to appreciate the accountability. You got to show up and go hard because everyone does and it is what is expected.  My children have also taken advantage of some of the kid’s classes and they enjoy it immensely and I know if they can learn to snatch they can learn to do anything.  It has been a year and I don’t see another path forward with as much opportunity for growth and development for my kids or myself. 

Thanks Mike, Bryan, and Val.



It’s been 1 year since Matt walked into BCF and he hasn’t looked back.  Matt has made tremendous gains in conditioning and strength, along with his Oly lifts in the past year. 

All the coaches here truly enjoy Matt as he has a great attitude, is always willing to help, is always cheering others on and is a genuine person.

Matt always has a smile on and never complains.  He is all about getting it done and over with.

Matt also supports BCF when he has the chance by bringing kids into the classes as well.

We all look forward to training with Matt in the future and are excited to watch him make gains all over the board….thanks Matt!!