Main – CrossFit

Team WOD at 10:00am Sat followed by BBQ….we are supplying protein. Bring family, friends,co-workers ,etc

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Main WOD

M-1: Deadlift (3 x 2 @ AHAP ; rest 3 b/t)

M-2: Shoulder Press (3 x 2 @ AHAP ; rest 3 b/t)

M-3: Dips (3 x max reps)

M-4: GHD Situps (3 x 12-15)

Competition WOD

C-1: Front Squat (5 x 75%; 5 x 85% ; 5 x 90%)

Base percentages on you 5RM.

C-2: Back Squat (5 x 75% ; 5 x 85% ; 5 x 90%)

Base percentages on you 5RM.

C-3: Push Press (5 x 55%; 5 x 60%; 5 x 65%)

Base percentages on your best jerk.

C-4: Bench Press (5 x 75% ; 5 x 80% ; 5 x 85% ; 5 x 90%)

Base percentages on your 1RM.

C-5: Dips (3 x max; no more than 20)

C-6: Barbell bicep curl (3 x 8 AHAP)


Active Recovery (No Measure)

Tempo Run

10 Rounds of:
200 m Run
60 Single Unders
10 Sit Ups
100 m Walk


Main – CrossFit

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Main WOD

A-ma: 2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row

B-ma: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 12 min of
200m run
10 power snatch 115/75
8 burpee over bar

Competition WOD

A-cmp: 2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row
Record time on main.

B-cmp: J.T. (Time)

Handstand Push-ups
Ring Dips


A: DB Box Jump – Deadlift Position (8 x 2)

Start from a dead stop deadlift position with dumbbells hanging by sides, then perform a box jump.
Jump to height above what you can land fully extended.
*Rest 60
**Moderate weight.

B: Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunge (3 x 16 (total))

Stand on bumper plate, step backward then lunge back up.

C: Seated Good Morning (3 x 11)

Good morning while seated on bench with feet on floor.
Same or more weight than last week.

D: V-Ups (5 x 10-15)


Main – CrossFit

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Main WOD

Don’t miss the BCF BBQ next weekend…details to follow this week

The competitive program is focusing on Oly strength for the next few months…this is good for anyone that wants to greatly improve their lifts…M/W/F ….this will also transfer into the M/W Oly classes

A- Ma: Back Squat (3 x 2 ; AHAP should be at or above previous 1RM)

B-Ma: Bench Press (3 x 2 ; AHAP)

Skill Work

C-Ma: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (3 x 8-12)

D-ma: Bar Muscle-ups (3 x max rep)

Competition WOD

A-cmp: Split Jerk (5 x 65% / x 70% / 5 x 75%)

B-cmp: Snatch (5 x 65% / 5 x 70% / 5 x 75%)

C-cmp: Clean (5 x 65% /5 x 70% / 5 x 75%)

D-cmp: 3 x 3 snatch PP + OHS (75% / 85% / 90% / 95%)

3 snatch grip push press into 3 OHS


A: Weighted Bar Dips (3 RM (3-5 heavy sets to find 3RM))

B: DB Incline Press (2 x Max Reps)

If you were over 20 reps on a set last week, go up in weight. If not, stay at same weight and try to beat your total from last week.

C1: Barbell Row (4 x 10)

Aim to use same weight as 4 x 8 from last week.

C2: Band Pull Aparts (4 x 10-12)

D: DB Shrugs (3 x 10)

Palms in.

E: Weighted Bar Hang (3 x Max time)

Hang from pull up bar. Use weight vest or DB between feet/knees to add weight.
Aim for more weight and same time or more total time.


Main – CrossFit

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EMOM: Metcon (Weight)

1 Squat Snatch EMOM for 20 min
Minutes 1-5 @ 70% of 1RM
Minutes 6-10 add #10
Minutes 10-15 add #5
Minute 16 add #5
Minute 17 add #5
Minute 18 add #5
Minute 19 add #5
Minute 20 add #5
Goal is to reach 90 – 90% of your max in 20 singles or hit a new max

4 RFT: Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for time
400m run
50 double unders or 75 singles


Main – CrossFit

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Main WOD

A-MA: Metcon (Time)

21-15-9 of
Hang power clean 115/75
Rest 6 min, then

B-MA: Metcon (Time)

21-15-9 of
Dead lift 165/115
Box jump 24/20

Competition WOD

A-cmp: Snatch (Build to a heavy)

B-cmp: Snatch (Clusters 1.1.1 @75% + ; 4 sets)

C-cmp: Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

3 sets each for times , rest 3 b/t
20 cal AD
6 power snatch 135/95
3 MU


Main – CrossFit

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Main WOD

A-MA: 5k Run (Time)

Max Effort 5k Run

Skill Work

Muscle up / pull up / rows

Competition WOD

A-cmp: Five by Five (Time)

Run a 5k and row a 5k
Back to back
Don’t blow this off…this is a test of your aerobic fitness ….

B-cmp: GHD Situps (3 x 20 ; rest 2 b/t)


A-sw: Sumo Deadlift (5 RM (3-5 heavy sets))

B-sw: Metcon (Weight)

3 Sets AHAP of:
B1 – 30 m Sled Pull Forward, up driveway.
B2- 30 m Sled Pull Backward, up driveway.
*Rest 2 min b/t pulls

C-sw: Reverse Hypers (3 x 10)

Use GHD or bench and add weight with a medball between your feet.

D-sw: Banded GHD Sit Up (3 x 8-12)


Main – CrossFit

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Main WOD

Metcon (Time)

Around the World
30 min aerobic recovery
using varied movements


A-SW: Bench Press (3 x Max Reps @ 55%)

B1-SW: Banded Cross Pulls (4 x 8)

Drape a band over pull up rack, grab an end with each hand, squeeze your grip tight, keep arms tensed as much as possible, pull down to sides with straight arms. Keep shoulder blades retracted.
*30 sec rest b/t B1 & B2.

B2-SW: Seated DB “Power Cleans” (4 x 8)

Not really a power clean but a movement to work external rotation.
*90 sec rest b/t b2 & b1.

C-SW: Single Arm Kb OH Press (4 x 10 each side)

D1-SW: Snatch Grip Shrugs (3 x 10)

Strict shrug with snatch grip.
*Rest ~30 b/t D1 & D2.

D2-SW: Straight Barbell Curl (3 x 10)

*Rest 90 b/t D2 & D1.

Mobility Lab

Main – Mobility with Roskopf

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Metcon (No Measure)

A)Core Work – Butterfly Legs
B)Global recovery
C)Thoracic Mobilization
D)1/2 TGU’s


Main – CrossFit

Who’s excited for the hike?? I am!!

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Main WOD

A-MA: Deadlift (3 x 3 ; rest 2 b/t….heavy)

B-MA: Shoulder Press (3 x 3 ; rest 2 b/t….heavy)

C-MA: Pendlay Row (3 x 8 @ heavy with good form)

D-MA: Strict pull ups (3 x 12 , strict….use partner if needed)

Maintain hollow position

Competition WOD

A-cmp: Snatch Pull (3 x 3 ; start at 100%+ ; build over sets)

B-cmp: High-Hang Snatch (1.1.1 x 5 ; build over sets ; rest 2 b/t)

C-cmp: Weighted Bar Dips (5 x 10 @ AHAP w/good lockout; rest 2 b/t)

D-cmp: Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

3 sets each for times of
100m Farmer carry 70/50
30 DUs
10 alt pistols


Metcon (No Measure)

Active Recovery (Wednesdays are now recovery days for SWOD as the program runs 4 main days/week)

A – Iron Scap

B – 5 x 20 Light to moderate KB Swings (Should not be challenging)

C – 10 sets @ 70-75% effort of:
1 Min AD
1-5 Push Ups (Should not be challenging)
50 Single or Double Unders


Main – CrossFit

Don’t forget this Sunday is the Dog Mountain Hike! Look for more info on the website!

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Main WOD

A-MA: Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots (Reps), 20#
Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps), 75#
Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps)
Push-press (Reps), 75#
Row (Calories)
1-minute rest

Competition WOD

A-CMP: Back Squat (3×5 Rest 2)

B-CMP: Shoulder Press (3×5 Rest 2)

C-CMP: Metcon (Time)

3 RFT of
400m run
12 T2B
8 S2OH 155/105

D-CMP: 2 Mile Run (Time)

Run @ 80-85%


A-SW: Squat Box Jumps (8 x 2 (20/15 lb DB’s held at sides))

Squat then box jump, no pause.
*60 sec Rest
**Choose box height just above what you can land fully extended.

B-SW: Weighted Step-ups (3 x 8 (each side))

C-SW: Seated Good Morning (3 x 9 )

Good morning while seated on bench with feet on floor.
Start with bar in rack, squat to bench, maintain as tight an arch as possible with abs engaged, perform good mornings, then squat back up. Start light and build. Get a spotter if you think you might need one.

D-SW: Standing Barbell Twist (4 x 6 (each side))

One end of the barbell rests in the center of a weight plate on the ground, one end with weight loaded on it is rested in hands.