Lauren has always either participated or worked in the world of sports her entire life. At a young age she started off playing basketball and grew into a multisport athlete in high school where she found her love for track and field. She went on to run the 400 hurdles and 4x400m relay in college. 

Her degree is in exercise science with an emphasis in pedagogy (teaching). During college, she was exposed to a great strength and conditioning program and she then pursued her CSCS. Lauren went on to grad school where she was a graduate assistant for the strength and conditioning coach and coached many collegiate programs. 

From there her work experiences took her into the education world where she was a PE teacher, cross country coach, track coach, strength coach, and then eventually an Athletic Director. During all of that time, the love for the gym never went away. She dabbled in teaching group fitness classes and personal training on the side. 

Lauren started CrossFit in 2022 to get back into shape and she knew immediately that this was the community for her! In 2024 she got her L1 and is super excited to be serving the gym in a coaching capacity! 

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