Beaverton Strength & Conditioning Strong Man Program

A Program For Better Everyday Life. Make lifting groceries, children, and everything inbetween easier!

Program is limited to 12 per class so reserve your spot today!

Why Do CrossFit Strongman?

Become more efficient at lifting loads that you encounter in you daily lives, like lifting a grocery bag or even a child.
The magic and beauty of Strongman is that anyone can do it. The movements are simple yet powerful. It is a great opportunity for any athlete to get the benefits of explosive movements without the complexity of a barbell. It’s also a great way to train hip and leg drive which are vital to the advanced skills of the Olympic Lifts.
  • Date: July 10-Aug 4 Wednesdays
  • Time: 5:00pm
  • Price: $70 (15% discount for CFSTC Members)

A fun and effective way for you to increase strength without using a barbel!

Classes May Include:
  • Atlas Stone Lifts/Carries
  • Farmer’s Walks
  • Keg Lifts/Carries
  • Prowler Sled Pushes
  • Sand Bag Carries
  • Tire Flips
  • And More…

Enroll today classes are limited to 12 people!

Strongman is a Wednesday evening at 5 pm course that runs within a 6-week block starting July 10-14th. The duration of each class will be 60 minutes. Classes will be held both indoors and out. Since the movements are learned quickly, there are no prerequisites to attend. Our program is open to current CrossFit St.Charles members and non-members alike but limited to 12 athletes.
  • Date: July 10-Aug 4 Wednesdays
  • Time: 5:00pm
  • Price: $70 (15% discount for CFSTC Members)

Better Fitness For A Better Everyday Life

Enroll today and save a spot in our limited Strongman Class to improve your everyday fitness!