December 2013

I actually didn’t start CrossFit intentionally; I was tricked into it. My friend Holden told me he was taking us to “some cycling or other fitness class” at the local gym. I should have known by his ambiguity that he was up to something. When we pulled into the CrossFit gym I think I almost peed my pants. I had a vague idea of what CrossFit was all about prior to starting, and I thought I wasn’t capable of doing any aspect of it.

The first couple weeks I was nervous for every class, constantly Googling terms such as ‘AMRAP’, ‘HSPU’, and even ‘WOD’ before I walked into the gym each day. Playing sports every day for pretty much my whole life made working out every day seem natural. I fell in love with the friendly yet competitive atmosphere and I loved (but also hated) pushing my boundaries. When I first started CrossFit I was afraid to kick up into a handstand against the wall, could barely do a couple push ups, and never thought a pull-up would ever be in my future. By simply showing up and putting in a solid hour or two of work every day I began to do things I never could have imagined.

Mike and Bryan were always there when I wanted extra help. They put me on squat progressions as well as progressions for pull ups and now muscle ups. If there was anything I wanted some extra help with, they always had suggestions to achieve my goals. I started doing scaled competitions and gradually made my way into the Rx division. The adrenaline rush of competing while pushing yourself to your absolute max is an experience I don’t think could ever get old.

My evening bros continue to push me to my limits and really see what I’m made of. In the past month or so I’ve really tried to dial in my nutrition and slim down. I continue to see benefits of these results not only in my body but also in my workouts and I can’t wait to see where my CrossFit future leads. I hope to compete for the gym on the regional’s team in the next few years and for many years thereafter. I don’t think I could properly write this without a shout out to Zander, James, Mel, Jonny, the Canucks, and all my other evening bros for pushing me to my limits and for lifelong friendships. Love you guys!



Since coming into BCF in May of 2012, Kindra has been an athlete whose face you will see almost daily. Kindra’s consistency is a testament to how hard work and dedication pays big dividends.

From starting out as a person just wanting a change and to get fit to making her way into the competitive world of Crossfit, Kindra has shown that nothing is out of reach. From PRs in Olympic lifts and getting better conditioning to overall strength and gymnastics skills.

We have seen 1st hand the character of our young athlete during last year’s regionals where she put herself off the team because she felt it was best for the team. Not an easy decision by any means and a true example of how to be a team player…cheers Tiger Cub!!

As a coach I look forward to watching Kindra excel in the near future at all things CrossFit and life.