Burn & Build is a strength and conditioning program! You’ll get to burn calories as well as get stronger when you complete these workouts in their entirety.

For our strength section (Build) we will go through strength progressions for squat, deadlift, and pressing variations. You’ll be able to measure your progress over time by logging your workouts in our Wodify app. You’ll get stronger and define those muscles!

The Burn section is where you will torch some calories and get your sweat on. We will train both your aerobic and anaerobic engines. That means we vary our programming between longer steady state cardio sessions, moderate time and intensity sessions, as well as those heart pumping high intensity interval sessions. All three training types will help you take your fitness to the next level. The variety in the movements, intensity, and duration will also keep you from getting bored!

You’ll want to make sure to hit the accessory work programmed at the end as well. It is designed to complement each training day with hypertrophy work and injury prevention exercises.


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