February 2012

Jeff Hough –

Jeff has been a consistent force here at BCF. The 545am class is lucky to have him. Jeff shows up and gives his all each day with no (little) complaints. It doesn’t matter what we throw at him, Jeff is up for the challenge. I have watched Jeff shed pounds, get stronger and improve his overall fitness dramatically. 

Jeff also adheres to a strict Paleo diet, no easy task. This in conjunction with hard consistent training is a recipe for success.  Great job!!

We all look forward to having Jeff train and be a part of the BCF community in 2012 and beyond.

-Mike Ford


First of all, I’d like to state for the record that, “Burpies are Evil.”

Why do I say that? I’ve struggled throughout my life with diet and exercise. In September, 2010, I found myself very out of shape and at my heaviest weight ever. I decided to make a change. I started working out at my local athletic club and tracking what I ate. I found modest success with losing 20 lbs.

Because I felt better, I turned up the intensity of my workouts by  adding burpies to my workout. The second time I did burpies as part of my workout, I threw my back out. Again, I thought, “Burpies are Evil!” But, I recovered and continued forward with my workouts.

As I experienced in the past, my body weight plateaued and the workouts became boring. In April last year, I started searching for a new challenge and found it with Beaverton CrossFit.

I really enjoy the variety the WODs offer. The mixture of strength and aerobic training has helped me shed more weight and I’ve dropped three pant sizes from when I began. I feel great!

I still believe that, “Burpies are Evil,” but I didn’t know that they could get even worse: Burpies box jumps….Burpies with dumbbells….Burpies with a weighted vest….Burpies wallballs… Really? Now, I can do 30 burpies in two minutes without throwing my back out. I may not like them, but I know they’re good for me. Maybe they’re not so evil after all.

Mike and Christine have built something special here. I really enjoy the team feeling during the WODs. Mike, Brian, and Val do a great job motivating our 5:45am class. I’m looking forward to exceeding my goals this year.

CrossFit training has helped me a great deal. I may not be the fastest or strongest in the class, but I do work hard to finish.


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