February 2013

Tomilyn Richards has been a faithful BCFer since 2010 and has  seen great gains in her health and fitness.  Since re committing late last year, Tomilyn has shown consistency, determination, and a great positive attitude.

Tomilyn is always fun to have in class and is always cheery (almost always), and is quick to give compliments to her fellow athletes. She is, from a coaches stand, easy to coach as she is open to all ideas and critiques.

We all look forward to early morning training with Tomilyn and helping her get to all her health and fitness goals. Good luck!


Second time’s the charm…not the third….this time = forever!

When they say that your CrossFit gym is like an extended family…that is the perfect description of Beaverton CrossFit.  I have been a part of BCF for three years and have seen our family grow and get stronger!  I personally have come and go, but no matter how much time has passed the people are just as encouraging and supportive as they were on day one.  The biggest thing I have learned is that it isn’t about just getting up early….or just eating right….or just working out…it is “do you want to be health or don’t you?”  It’s a

commitment to a lifestyle of taking care of yourself and not allowing room for excuses.

I figured out very quickly that the minute I truly committed to “being healthy” that my coaches and peers at BCF committed to me right back.  When I start to pull back and think “I can’t” there is Mike, Bryan or Val in my ear saying “yes you can” and if they aren’t there I’m pretty sure I hear their voices saying it anyway!

I used to assume I knew what I needed to do and I knew how to eat right.  Wow was I wrong.  When I actually started keeping track of what I was doing, what I was eating…there is no wonder I wasn’t making progress!!  Getting on the right plan both fitness and

nutrition-wise was the game changer!  When I finally changed my diet and routines, I found that working out five to six days a week versus three gave me more energy than I had before and I am feeling stronger and stronger by the day.

In the last month I’ve lifted more weight than I ever thought possible!  It excites me to know what I can accomplish if I commit to it forever.  I see real pull-ups in my future… Real double-unders (more than five in a row without whipping myself to death)…heavier weights, faster times!! 

I am beyond flattered to be asked to tell my story, because I know of 20+ people in my 545am class that are just as dedicated and

deserving…and motivate me every day to go beyond my best!  I couldn’t do it alone, it just wouldn’t be the same!!