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Main WOD

M-1: Deadlift (3 x 5 @ 41X1)

M-2: Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4 sets each for times
15 cal row
2 C/J @ 185/125
4 MU / 12 C2B
8 wall ball 30/20
Rest 4-5 b/t

Competition WOD


SW-A: Close Grip Bench Press (5-4-3-2-1)

Bench press with grip close to or inside the smooth of the barbell.
*Start your set of 5 @ 80% max or a weight that feels similar to an 80% weight and add 5-10 lbs or 2-3% for each set afterwards. Since the reps go down each set, you should be able to handle more weight with each set.
**If you feel like hitting a new max, go for it.

SW-B1: Pendlay Row (3 x 5)

SW-B2: DB Incline Press (3 x 5-8)

*Since the weights aren’t as customizable with DBs, there is a rep range. Hit a number of reps that leaves 1 in the tank on the first 2 sets.

SW-C1: Snatch Grip Shrugs (3 x 5)

Strict shrug with snatch grip.

SW-C2: Band Pull Aparts (4 x 12)

SW-D: Plate Raises (20 Front, 20 Side, 20 Back x 2 sets)

Front, side and/or back raises done with a plate.
*For these sets it’s alright to cheat a bit and use your legs/hips to get the weight up once doing it strict gets difficult.

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