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Main WOD

A : Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata push ups
These need to be PERFECT push ups, don’t be concerned about numbers, only perfect form.

B: Bench Press (3 x 5 @ 75% ; rest 2-3 b/t)

C: Metcon (Time)

As a 2 person team complete the following….

400m run – both same time

100 jump squats w/plate 25/10

80 dips/CGPU

60 V-ups

40 strict pull ups / kip

20 Strict HSPU / kip

400m run

16 Min Cap

Scale to finish

If you can’t do dips, strict pull up / HSPU, then kip or do as many strict as possible, then kip or scale….it will not be Rx but who cares….do the work. We are training.

Score the runs as 1 rep each


S-A: Strict Press (S-A. Press 55%x5 65%x5 75%xAMRAP 55% 2xAMRAP)

S-: Metcon (Weight)


5 sets:

Push Press x 5 reps + Split Jerk x 3 reps



5 sets; rest 90 seconds

Single Arm DB Rows x 20/side

S-D. Sled Drag 20 minutes or Airdyne 20 minutes

Competition WOD

A: Metcon (No Measure)

Total body warm up #2

a. 5 min easy Row/Bike/Run

b. Foam Roll and Stretch Tight Areas

c. 2 x 20 – Reverse V – Ups

d. 2 x 10 each arm – Lying side raise – 4 count lower

e. 2 x 6 each leg – Reverse Lunge and Reach with slider

f. 2 x 5 – Low box depth jumps – 24”/20”

B: Clean (EMOM 10 of complex as follows)

Clean Technique Complex 1 Starting at 75/45 lbs. 1 Clean Grip Pull, Crack knees and hold for 5 sec, go to power position right above knee and hold for 5, go slowly to the ground and complete one squat clean. Go up in weight until technique starts to degrade even a little bit. Don’t go over 70% of clean max.

C: Metcon (Time)

Part 1

3 Rounds

7 Power Clean @ 60%

50 DU

2 min. Row (Open level- 525/465m+, Regional level- 560/500m+, Games level- 600/550m+ each round)

2 min. rr between rounds

5 min. intermission

D: Metcon (Time)

Part 2

3 Rounds

5 DL @70%

5 Box Jumps 30/24

400 meter Run

2 min rr between rounds

5 min. intermission

E: Metcon (Time)

Part 3

30 Burpee Pullups for time


Part 1:

Power Cleans Unbroken

Part 2:

Deadlifts Unbroken

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