July 2013

I moved to the area two years ago and drove by the Beaverton CrossFit sidewalk sign for a year before I got the courage to come in! I started 10 months ago and was completely out of shape but the encouragement and coaching from the wonderful Valentine made me think I could actually do this! I have never felt better or stronger. I am amazed and inspired at every workout by the athleticism and strength of my fellow crossfitters. There is nothing that beats the feeling of walking out of the gym after a workout that I was pretty sure would kill me, but I survived! I’ve never pushed myself harder physically or mentally and I credit the amazing coaches at Beaverton CrossFit for creating an atmosphere where we can amaze ourselves at what we can accomplish. There is no plateau or resting point with CrossFit there’s always more to learn, more strength to gain, more goals to shoot for. I’m so glad I started at BCF- I’m hooked for sure! I even think there might be a pull up in my future…


NO EXCUSES… Here is a story of dedication for you. Think you are tired when you come to the gym. How about being an ER nurse overnight working high stress physical 12hour shifts and THEN coming to CrossFit straight from work before you go to bed. There are actually three women in the 8:30 class who pull this ridiculous schedule. DEDICATION!

This month I want to put a spotlight on Bernadette. She is an ER nurse at St. Vincent’s and has been coming to BCF for nearly a year. First of all there is never a day where she doesn’t come through that door with a smile on her face. Bernadette has come such a long way in her fitness and strength it’s hard to put to words. Her body and core have not only shrunk in size but also taken a breathtaking, strong, fit, feminine form. Bernadette is a mother and a nurse. Her life is filled with taking care of others yet she finds the time to also take care of herself which is key. No time? Too busy? Too tired? Yeah right! What is your excuse? Bernadette ain’t got one! Keep kickin’ ass girl!