July – 2014 – Zander Veith

It’s an honor to be named Athlete of the Month when there are so many great people at BCF. I started CrossFit about 2 years ago when I wanted to shake up my increasingly tedious workout routine, chose BCF, and haven’t looked back. While I thought I was in pretty good shape when I started, I now feel I’ve reached a whole new level of fitness, strength, nutrition, and overall lifestyle, and still have so much to learn and achieve.

For me personally, there are two things I love most about CrossFit. First, I love the competitive aspect of it, both in competing against yourself and others in training, and in actual competitions. When I thought my days of organized competitive sports were over, CrossFit gave me a new athletic purpose and something to train for and continually strive to develop. Even though I was that guy who actually “trained” for my city league basketball games, the constant variety that CrossFit offers and the range of skills that will seemingly never be mastered comprise a new challenge that keeps me constantly hungry to improve.

Second, the CrossFit community is what keeps me, like many others, coming back day after day. As much as I like training, doing it with others who have the same goals and interests is markedly more enjoyable and more motivating than doing so alone. I think we have a great community at BCF and I’ve made several good friends who I train with regularly, including my girlfriend, Kindra (obligatory shout out).

While I spend most of my time training with the competition programming crew, I am constantly impressed and inspired by ALL the members of BCF. I see many people putting in the time and dedication and seeing all kinds of gains, at all different levels of experience, which is really cool to see. Thank you to Mike and Christine, as well as the whole coaching staff, for all the support and for making BCF a great place to spend a part-time job’s worth of hours every week.


A little overdue but here he is ….your very own Zander!! Zander has been a BCF’er for a little while now and we have watched him grow as an athlete and human. Zander’s commitment and focus on training has helped him break through plateaus and climb out of ruts. We all hit highs and lows during training but what defines us is how we handle them. Zander does it all with class and humility. A true sign of maturity and experience as an athlete.

I don’t think I have ever heard Zander say a negative thing about anyone and is always positive about the tasks ahead for the day. I truly enjoy being around Zander and training with him when I can (can you come in at noon??)

Zander’s consistency has really paid off in the last couple years. I have watched him get skills that plagued him before and his strength #’s go way up. From being on a regional team last year to competing at local throw downs and working towards the Open next year I know Zander will continue to hit it hard and motivate those around him.

Make sure to say Hi! To Zander when you see him!!! He’s the tall one with the smile….


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