June 2013

If I could explain CrossFit in two sentences, it would be “from the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it”. I still have a hard time explaining to my friends and family why I love CrossFit so much, but I think the fact that I light up whenever I talk about it says it all.

I heard about CrossFit back in college and did some group classes based off CrossFit workouts but was terrified to try the real thing. I still remember the call I received from Mel the day of my first on-boarding class – she said CrossFit was awesome, she didn’t know what she would do without it, and that I was going to absolutely love it. I immediately thought she was crazy but yet was intrigued to see what it was all about. After that first day back in September 2012, I was hooked. I loved leaving the box feeling drained but yet excited to come back the next day and push my body even harder, and still do.

I grew up playing soccer, basketball, and golf but after trying CrossFit for the first time,nothing compared. I enjoy training in groups because it gives me the team feeling from my past sports experiences, but the best part is that you are only competing against yourself and trying to beat your last time or PR, not anyone else’s. My favorite aspect of CrossFit is that it NEVER gets easy, but it’s ALWAYS worth it. With that said, I can officially say I have OCD (Obsessive CrossFit Disorder).

I love that indescribable feeling after a great WOD – when you can hardly breathe, sweat is dripping down your face, it hurts to move and you feel like dying, but then you feel reborn again. I truly love coming to the box each day because I love the people that surround me and the people behind the name Beaverton CrossFit. CrossFit is a lifestyle that if you are willing to commit to, will change your life into something you never thought possible.  2013 has been a great year for me thus far, both inside and outside the Box, and I can say with 100% certainty that Beaverton

CrossFit has been a huge part of it.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my 6:30pm crew – you are all the reason I keep coming back each day (and also because if I ever miss a day, I won’t hear the end of it). Thank you all for pushing me harder than I ever thought I could go! Especially you, Bryan, Christine and Mike!

Much love to my entire BCF Family. Cheers! 

-Christina Corona (aka CC)


Christina can be easily spotted in the box just by looking for a huge smile. She always shows up with a positive attitude and ready to work. Since last

September Christina has made many gains in strength and over all conditioning. From a 275# DL to a 400m time of 1:25 , she is always ready to improve on all aspects of her training. Christina always has a good word to say and when it’s time to work she gets it done.  We all enjoy having Christina in

classes and look forward to training with her in the future.