March 2013

Rob Boek has been with BCF since August 2012, he has always been a hard working giving 100% in WODs, Rob is committed to becoming a stronger, and more skilled athlete. Since the day he stepped in he has had goals he wanted to achieve and he has done them, some of Rob’s goals are to become stronger in the Olympic lifts and he has really dedicated time to that by coming to the Olympic lifting classes and it is paying off. He recently set a personal record in the clean and the snatch.

If you see Rob in the box you might see him near a squat rack as he is dedicated to getting stronger and we all know that squats are the exercise to do that. (I know how much you all love the tempo squats) Rob recently completed 5 reps at 265 in the Front squat for multiple sets! When he started he could barely complete a front squat with the empty bar. He has come a long way not only in strength but in flexibility, learn from Rob and work on you most needed mobility issues before talking and chit chatting. Rob is also an Airdyne champion he has done 40 calories in 30 seconds!!! That is an incredible feat, he is a powerful athlete to say the least!

Rob represents the ideal BCF athlete hard working, no complaining, and genuinely friendly. Thanks for making it a pleasure to coach you Rob keep up the great work! If you see Rob in the box say hi to him and his wife Annie and brother Justin! They are making it a true family activity!

-Bryan Miller

When I first came to Beaverton CrossFit in August of last year, I was in close to the worst shape I’ve ever been in. I was fairly athletic in high school, playing football, wrestling, and track, but since then, my fitness had been in a fairly steady state of decline.

I tried going to the gym and running, but never really enjoyed it. My workout partners always seemed to quit on me and I didn’t have the discipline to keep going on my own. I had also tried playing competitive sports and mountain biking, which I loved, but between kids and work the time those required it became too much. At BCF, I’ve found friendly, encouraging people, challenging workouts, and the opportunity to be a little bit competitive, and it only takes about an hour a day.

No matter how much stress I’m under in life, I can come in, work hard, and for an hour shut everything else out. Thank you BCF and the trainers for your encouragement and coaching.