March 2015 – Casey Kilfoil

Where you were in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now?
The main difference is that I “worked out” instead of “trained”. I’ll always remember walking into BCF for the first time and reading the board and thinking that it didn’t look that hard, and then gasping on the ground after 8 minutes. I was hooked out of the gate. I feel like my goal now is to stay healthy, work hard to push myself, but also be able to train the next day. I’ve gotten smarter about listening to my body and scale accordingly.

What were your goals when you started and have you achieved any of them?
I didn’t have any goals when I started. It sounds crazy but I was just done with elliptical trainers, spin classes and feeling lousy. My main goal now is eating better and becoming more mobile. Isagenix has been a really good meal replacement when I’m on the road for work and breakfast. I’m going to do the 30 day cleanse in the near future if anyone is interested in doing it with me.

What about BCF makes you keep coming back?
I ‘m thankful for the BCF programming. It’s a perfect match for my addictive personality and low threshold for routine. I feel challenged and accountable to work hard.

What is your favorite part of being a member at BCF?
I love the community of people that BCF has built. I got pretty wasted at the x-mas party and never really heard about it afterwards. That’s fantastic for a guy like me and a testament of the character of the membership.

When/what was your “ah ha!” moment?
My wife signed me up for the Bull Dog Battle without me knowing. I was pretty pissed at first, but afterwards realized that it felt good to compete and push myself. Sometimes the hardest person on yourself is you. If you invest the time to train as hard as we do you owe it to yourself to register for a BCF competition.

Does anyone the gym (member or trainer) inspire you and why?
All the trainers and staff at the gym are top notch. I’m thankful to be a member of BCF and feel truly blessed.

-What’s something that you’ve noticed about Mike?
Has anyone noticed that Mike has only been a Patriots fan since 2015? Where’s his Pats gear? I’ve never hear him talking about the time the Pats lost to da’ Bears in the Super Bowl…….Go Hawks!

– Casey

I got to say that if you were to ask me who makes me laugh the most during any given class here at BCF I would have to say, hands down, Casey. This is a guy that quite literally laughs in the face of pain and discomfort. Casey’s outlook on the training is great. No matter what we throw at him, he will laugh it off and get it done. I can compare him to a super star athlete we all know and love, Tom Brady. Casey has a championship attitude, the mindset of a winner, the mental fortitude of a world beater….just like Tom Brady of the Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots. I also know that this is Casey’s favorite team so it makes sense that he acts like a champ.

On a more serious note, Casey is a great addition to our community, as he is in the box consistently, works around an injury if he has one and doesn’t make excuses (like Seahawk fans). Casey shows up and gives it his all each time he comes in the door. Casey got through some MU on 15.3 because he put in the time and practice to get those MU before hand. Perfect example of putting in the work to get the results.

Casey is also a giver. You can see him at the box helping out his wife Kelly on her MU. Kelly will get them soon I’m sure under Casey’s guidance.

As a coach I really enjoy having Casey in class as he is quick to help out others and doesn’t complain. He is easy to coach and is an all around great person that I’m proud to call my friend. Be sure to hit up casey for a high five and congratulate him on his favorite QB winning the Super Bowl for the 4th time.