May 2013

Thank you Beaverton CrossFit for changing my life. I truly appreciate being part of the BCF family. You’ve all become a part of my family’s lives in a way I never imagined.  I am so thankful for the positive change in my health, attitude, lifestyle, and mental toughness.  

I’ve found it’s hard to describe what Beaverton CrossFit is to co-workers, family, and friends. Sometimes when I’m talking about it, it sounds strange…. “Someone puked today, you should try it” or “We did 100 burpees for time, it was awesome!” I love the no nonsense approach to the WODS. Trainers lay down a challenge, and it’s up to me to impose my will and drive to completion. I guess a simple way to explain it is that for one hour every day I get to find out what I’m made of with a group of amazing people. 

My compliments to an innovative business with outstanding products. You’re changing people’s lives and it shows.

Thank you! 

Sincerely, Casey 

PS- I think it’s a badge of honor that our gym is cleaned with a blower.


Casey came to BCF just over 1 year ago and hasn’t looked back since coming in the door. Casey is the kind of guy you love to have in your class…he always smiles, has a great attitude, works as hard as possible, and you can mess with him pretty good and he won’t get mad at you. (my favorite).  Casey is always quick with a joke and is super encouraging to all his fellowathletes. No matter how tough the WOD Casey pushes through to the end….a true BCF warrior.

We all look forward to having Casey continue his journey with us along with his wife Kelly…Cheers brother!!