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Main WOD

M-1: Press series (3 sets ; build over sets ; rest 2 b/t)

press x 3
push press x 3
push jerk x 3

M-2: Back extensions (3 x 12 ; rest 1-2 b/t)

M-3: GHD Situps (3 x 12 ; rest -2 b/t)

Competition WOD

C-1: Skill – dip (No Measure)

3 sets not for time
10 ring dips
15 T2B
20 alt pistols
40 DUs

C-2: Oly week 10

C-3: Intervals….long (3 Rounds for time)

3 sets each for time of
1000m row
50 DUs
40 KB swing 53/35
30 T2B
20 box jump overs
10 burpees
Rest 5-6 b/t


SW-A: Multiposition Power Clean (6 x 2)

Hang (strongest position), floor.

SW-B: Back Squat (5 x 4 @ 70%)

Controlled descent, explosive ascent.
*Only rest as much as you need to produce fast, quality reps during your sets.

SW-C: Medicine Ball Reverse Hyper (3 X 20)

Reverse hyper on GHD with medicine ball between feet.

SW-D: Hanging Leg Raise (2 x 8, 1 x Max reps)

Add weight with medicine ball between feet.
For your last set do as many as you can with medball, once you hit as many as you can, drop the ball and continue the set.

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