Nine Lives Anniversary Competition!

Beaverton Strength and Conditioning – Holiday WOD

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9L-1: Nine Lives WOD 1 (Time)

35 Cal Bike

30 Ball Slams

25 Thrusters


15 Burpee Box Jump
Down and Back!

Event starts with all athletes in the box. On 321 go first two athletes will run on the field. Two athletes working at a time. The work has to be completed by both stations before any athlete can move on to the next movement. Subs can be made any time. Athlete coming out needs to make 4 points of contact before sub can go in.

9-L2A: Metcon (Time)

Nine Lives WOD 2 – First Team of 3 Time

9L-2B: Nine Lives WOD 2 (Time)

40 KettleBell Deadlifts

40 Pullups

10 Rope Climbs

40 Ground to Overhead
Select 3 team members to complete the following work 1 person working at a time, 1 on field waiting and 1 in the home base once all members are back in the home base and work is completed next 3 start.

9L-3A: Nine Lives WOD 3 Part A (Time)

200 Calorie Row

9L-3B: Nine Lives WOD 3 Part B (Time)

50 WallBall

5 Ring Muscle Ups

50 Kettlebell Single Arm Push Press

100 Double Unders

HS Walk

50 Kettlebell Lunges

30 Man Makers
3 athletes run on to field one to the rower, other two to WB station and begin working. Once athlete has finished 50 wall balls they can continue on or make a substitution. After each movement is completed they have to run back to home base and touch with 4 points of contact before going back out or making substitution.

9L-4: Nine Lives WOD 4 (Time)

Each Athlete:

25 Calorie Run

D-Ball Carry (to rig)

10 D-Balls over the shoulder

D-Ball Carry (back to home base)
Event starts will all athletes in home base on 321 go first athlete begins running and completes all movements runs back to home base and make 4 points of contact before athlete 2 can begin. Each athlete on the team completes the sprint time ends when final athlete is back in home base and has made 4 points of contact.

Last year’s first place winners!

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