November 2011

Stewart Horner – 

Congrats Tom Stewart Horner for being Athlete of the Month for November!!  Stewart has been hitting it hard and it is paying off…we have seen Stewarts Oly lifts get better, conditioning go up and get his pullups!  Stewarts hard work, consistency and 100% effort are the reasons he has come so far.  We all enjoy having Stewart in class and look forward to lots of good training in the future.  Make sure to say HI when you see him and follow his example.


Having worked for Nike for 11 years, but hardly ever worked out my entire life, I felt the time was right for me to get into shape, by shape I mean a shape that isn’t typically English ( No shoulders no arm shape, no chest, all hunched over a big beer belly and 7 chins ).  My wife Lauren started at BCF 6 months ago because our good friend owns LAX cross fit in Los Angeles. She loved it and after a couple of months of nagging ( not really more like gentle persuasion ) I made a decision to I would try it out.  If I liked it I would commit and set a goal.  Well, I tried it and hated it. I almost threw up on my 1st day, but persevered because everyone around was so supportive, Shelly was great encouraged me to keep it up. My wife was thrilled I had given it a go. I came back the next day, and the next and so on. Before long I would feel terrible if I didn’t go. I decided on my goal, To be  fitter at 42 than I was at 22 and to work out 4-5 times a week. Three months in and I feel stronger than ever, fitter than ever and more motivated than ever. I love that every day I am surrounded by girls & women who kick my arse on every WOD, 15 year old boys who can lift more than I can, older men who can run faster and further than I can. And Bryan who’s half my age and telling me what to do ! What a way to keep motivated. Cross Fit has truly changed my life I was welcomed into a community of like minded people with focus and will to be the best they can be. Mike & Christine run a great ship and should be proud of what they have started here in sunny old Beaverton. I may never be able to do muscle ups, complete Fran RX in 5 min’s or run a 5 min mile, but 3 months ago I said that about doing a strict pull up and rope climbs …  I’ll keep on trying to get there. And if you see me and I’m not trying give me hell.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw 1925.



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