October 2011

Lisa has been a consistent athlete at BCF for a while now.  As an athlete and a person I have seen Lisa make huge gains.  Training transfers to life…so when you build confidence at the box you become more confident in life.  Lisa has done some amazing things so far like climbing the rope (huge gain), getting better at Oly lifts, and being as strong as she has ever been.  I look forward to training with Lisa and watching her progress throughout the months to come…make sure to say HI to Lisa when you see her!

-Mike Ford 

I joined BCF almost 2 years ago after hearing my work colleagues talk about it incessantly and figured I should check it out as well.  Having been a devoted gym rat for 20 years I thought that I was pretty strong for a girl…..until I was introduced to CrossFit. Besides getting through the last 4 miles of a Marathon, I haven’t experienced anything else as mentally or physically challenging as the CrossFit WOD’s, and yet I love every heart stopping, gut-wrenching minute of it.

I would normally have been very intimidated by the Olympic lifting and intense workouts, however from day one, the people I met in class were so motivating  that it helped me lift heavier, go faster, push harder and forget the pain.  Being a part of such a wonderful community of driven, passionate and inspiring people has brought me great joy.

I have many goals yet to reach but when I lift just a little more than last time, figure out the rhythm of DU’s or climb the rope without fear, the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment just pushes me to fight harder.  Thanks to BCF I am starting to believe in myself and my abilities, and have become a stronger person inside and out.

-Lisa  Curtis


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