October 2012

Sarah Allgood 

Sarah has been with us going on 1 year next month and  she has made many  changes as an athlete.

Sarah’s consistent training and amazing attitude has allowed her to progress through the standard CrossFit movements and helped her on the road to conquering the Oly lifts.

We all enjoy having Sarah in class as she is quick to make you laugh, always positive and cheers on those around her. BCF is lucky to have her as an athlete and part of our community. 

Congrats to Sarah for being awesome!


I had heard about CrossFit in 2010 from a friend that constantly raved about it and I was immediately intrigued.  After searching online I found the closest CF (Beaverton), I checked out the website and made excuses for over a year before I finally got the courage to go check it out.  In November 2011 I walked into BCF and remember seeing Mike coaching people through a painful workout with the music blasting, I was both intimidated and fascinated by the intensity!  Like most of the other athletes at BCF I had considered myself fairly “fit”.  I had managed to get into a workout rut consisting of 30-45 minutes of cardio but rarely felt challenged or that I was making any fitness related progress.  All of that was about to change……

Fast forward to fall 2012!  It truly is hard to put into words how the BCF coaches and athletes have inspired me to push myself like never before.  There have been numerous occasions where I came to class not feeling 100% physically but as soon as I walk in the door at BCF I’m greeted by the enthusiasm of the coaches & athletes, and am ready to be the best athlete that I can be.  Daily I look forward to checking what the daily WOD will be and know that we will all bond through pain, sweat and tears.  I continue to strive for improvement in all realms of CF and couldn’t do it without Mike, Bryan, Christine & Val – big shout out to the 4:30 regulars as well!  I have cut my one mile run by 1:30+ and am beginning to see significant gains in my strength and all of the lifts, not to mention overall physical endurance.  In the near future I look forward to participating in the 2013 Open and eventually a scaled competition, and as always I commit to be fit!

– Sarah


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