October 2014 – Kelly Ryan

Wow, I can honestly say I’m shocked to be chosen for this.  There are so many amazing athletes at BCF who inspire me every day to be better…I’ll certainly get to them in a minute!
My fitness journey has been long with ups and downs along the way.  I played soccer and basketball in high school but Softball was my sport of choice.  I received a scholarship and attended Humboldt State University where I started as a short stop…my buddy Taiisha from the evening classes was a senior the year I was a freshman.  Team sports is in my blood.  My best friends are the ones I’ve played with…they’ve made me who I am today as much as my family has!
After college I moved back home to start a family of my own with my husband Dan.  I went about my days with blah-blah-cardio.  It was boring, it was forced, I hated it but I knew I had to keep moving.  Fast forward 8 years and I enrolled my daughter at OGA and noticed BCF.  I had no idea what it was so I looked up the website and as soon as I saw the pictures of the amazingly-fit folks, I said no way and continued on my blah-cardio ways.  But for some reason I couldn’t get it out of my head!  So against my introverted character, I showed up.  The first 6 months were a bit of a blur – I enjoyed the workouts and felt good but it wasn’t until I started making friends that I really started to love it.  It made me realize how much I missed being a part of a team!
This summer marked 1 year with BCF and I’ve slowly been making progress.  I want to get stronger so I can do workouts as prescribed and would like to build on my very weak gymnastic skills.  With that said, I’m impatient and want results faster so I challenged myself to work harder.  The timing of this challenge was great as I had my sabbatical planned with 6 weeks off work…I basically organized my days around the double-day workouts.  Yes, I’m obsessed and not afraid to admit it!  Since then, I’ve been able to manage keeping up with the double days by getting creative with my time…15 minutes here and there can really make a difference, which is great because with a husband, 4 year old daughter, 8 year old son and a full-time job, that’s all I can do without sacrificing even more sleep! 
My good friends Holly, Carmen, Teresa and Kari have committed with me to these double days and we’re holding each other accountable.  We’re constantly calling each other out if we’re not lifting enough or running fast enough and as a result we are all getting stronger and faster (slowly but surely!).  I’m looking forward to competing with them and Taiisha in the November Gobbler Gauntlet.  And as for the rest of the 5:45am crew…you guys are awesome!  When I feel like I’m going to die by 6:45am, I look around and see 20+ other people who feel the same way, and yet still come back day after day.  It’s an honor to sweat next to each and every one of you!
Lastly, Mike, Chad, Shay, Christian (and now Drew)…Thank you!  This amazing BCF community is a true reflection on each of you as coaches.  You walk the talk and constantly inspire and motivate.  I appreciate all your feedback and encouragement and certainly would not be anywhere close to double unders or pull-ups without your support.  Truly, thank you!


Kelly Ryan is one of the athletes you will find getting after the daily WOD at the 5:45am class consistently. Although the hour is early this does not stop her from giving her all. Kelly shows up for the strength days, interval days, skill days and everything in between. This is what we call “commitment”. This is how we improve. This is how we advance our skills. Take note….Kelly is “moving on up”!!

Kelly has recently added some personal programming with some of her morning athletes so she can be better prepared for competition and become a better athlete overall. This is a great way to get better, train your weaknesses, and get ready for competitions.

Some things I personally notice about Kelly are her willingness to learn, show up for extra work, always smiling and positive, and keeps her chin up even on days that don’t go her way.  

We all enjoy coaching Kelly and look forward to watching her progress over the next several months….be sure  to say HI! And give her a high five….cheers!!