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Upcoming Events! Mark you calendars!
Friday, Sept 11 @ 5:30 – Make a Wish BBQ – we are going to get our plaques!
Saturday, Sept 26 @ 10:30 – Hooverball – Team USA defending (again)
Saturday, Oct 31 @ 10 am – Halloween WOD – costume is required
Saturday Dec 5 – Wishing on a WOD
Saturday Dec 12 – Holiday Party – Casino Night

Labor Day Weekend!
no classes Saturday or Sunday
1 class Monday at 10 am!

BCF Main – Teen Old Skool Barbell

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Back Squat (4×8)

experienced lifters build to a heavy set of 3


3 max sets, no more then 10 a set. If no more then 4 reps can be completed finish with 5-8 more partner assisted pull-ups. If you dont have pull-ups do 3×8-10 partner assisted pull ups.

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds for time

21 KB swing

15 v-ups

9 box jumps
tomorrow we will be doing bench press.

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