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Metcon (No Measure)

30 Min of Around the World
300m row x 10 ; rest 2 b/t
30 min jog

Metcon (No Measure)

Make-up WOD


SW-A: Bench Press (5-4-3-2-1)

*This is the same rep scheme that we did last week. Aim to do at least 5 lbs more on each set than you did previously.
**It’s not necessary but if you feel like it, go for a new 1RM. It’s alright to do multiple singles.
***If you hit a new 1 RM last time or this is your first time doing this scheme, start your first set at 80% 1 RM and add 5-10 lbs or 2-3% each set.

SW-B: Pendlay Row (3 x 5)

SW-C: Shoulder Press (Sadiv – 10 Min AMFastRepAP)

*Use your 3 RM or ~90% 1RM weight for this and shoot for as many single reps as you can in the 10 min time period. Try to move the bar as fast as possible from start to lockout with a controlled but not slow descent.

SW-D1: DB Incline Press (3 x 8)

*Prop the back end of a bench on a 12″ box to hit the incline.
**Alternate D1 & D2.

SW-D2: Snatch Grip Shrugs (3 x 8)

Strict shrug with snatch grip.
*Alternate D1 & D2.

E: Band Pull Aparts (4 x 12)

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