Beaverton Strength and Conditioning – CrossFit

Olympic lifting

A: Metcon (Weight)

Snatch skill work w/ BB

2 sets:

3 Snatch balance

3 Sots press

3 High Hang Snatch



B: Snatch (5×3)

*Build each set (Drop and go)

C: Deficit Snatch Pulls (3×4)

Snatch pull on riser/plates
*Start @ 60-70% of 1RM snatch and build

D: Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat (3 x 5+1)

Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat
*Build each set

Metcon (No Measure)


3 sets

10 Banded straight arm pull downs w/ 2 sec pause at hip.

10 Banded hip ext. w 2 sec pause at top.

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