The Burn & Build is a high energy training program that features performance technology! Whether your goal is to get a great workout, clear your mind, be social or get competitive, the Burn & Build will keep you engaged and motivated. Each one-hour class is broken up into a warm up, a conditioning segment, and a strength or physique segment. The segments will change daily, keeping your workouts fresh and exciting EVERY SINGLE TIME! All you have to do is show up leave the rest to our amazing certified coaches.


Our Burn & Build training room is equipped with treadmills, rowing machines, Airdyne bikes, kettlebells, medicine balls, rings, dumbbells, bumper plates, bands, and much more!

Each workout is designed to stimulate a different metabolic pathway. Within weeks you will notice a difference in your strength, energy and your overall fitness level. Whether it be for fat loss, general conditioning, or elite level athletics, the added motivation of having others working out with you pushes you to a new level.


The Myzone system measures movement in real time. During classes you can see exactly how hard you are working – including your heart beats per minute, calories burned, max heart rate and intensity zones. Real time feedback allows you to train in the correct zone to maximize your results. Heart Rate Monitored Training helps your coach push you to train at an exertion level that’s safe and appropriate, yet challenging for you. This system ensures that you train at your potential every time and get the most from every minute. Exercising within prescribed heart-rate zones helps you burn more calories not only during class but for hours afterwards.

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