9/18 – Hawaiian Trail Run – CrossFit Poipu
9/25 – Hooverball – Cedar Hills Park
10/1 – Fall Brawl – Beaverton CrossFit

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Metcon (Time)

As a 2 person team

3 weighted pull ups

5 strict pull ups

7 kipping pull ups

3 weighted dips (ring/bar)

5 strict dips

7 kipping dips

Use a DB between feet or legs

After you do 3 strict weighted, drop DB and continue without coming off bar

1 person completes all 15 reps of pull ups UB , then person 2 does all 15 reps pull ups

Person 1 then does same for dips, then person 2 does dips

All sets must be UB….scale as needed

3 sets each for time

15 min cap

Metcon (Time)

With your same partner

1 person runs 800m

1 person does as many wallball while they run

Then switch and keeping running total on wall ball

Score is total time minus reps of wallball …1 rep = 1 sec

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