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Main WOD

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

On a continuous running clock
0-10 min – 1 mile run /scale(800m run)
10:01-20:00 – 4 rounds of
10 push press 115/75
10 T2B / V-ups
10 box jumps 24/20
20:01-30:00 – 1500m row
30:01-40:00 – 25-15-5 of
Burpee box jump overs
KB swings 70/53
Time left over ineach segment is rest time…so if i run the mile in 7 min, i rest 3 then start next set…and so on


SW-A: Weight Vest Box Squat Box Jumps (8 x 3)

Squat to a box with a weight vest on, then jump to another box.

SW-B: Deadlift (Sadiv Set – 12 Min AMFastRepsAP @ 60%+)

*Get set up, braced tight, arms straight and pull the weight as fast/explosively as possible from floor til lockout.
**Use 60% 1RM if this is your first time doing this style of set. Add 10 lbs if you got over 36 reps (1 every :20 sec) last time.

SW-C: Back Squat (1 x 20 AFAP @ 50%)

*Move through set as fast as you can, really focusing on exploding through the concentric portion of the lift.

SW-D1: Glute-Ham Raises (4 x 5-7)

*Add weight if possible.

SW-D2: Weighted Single Leg Glute Bridge (4 x 8)

Add weight with DB or BB across hips. The axle bar works well for this.

SW-E: Banded GHD Sit Up (3 x 8)

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