September 2011

Congrats to Chelsea on 6 months hard work!! I have seen huge gains in strength, ROM, and overall conditioning.

Chelsea is consistent and trains hard every time she comes in the door. She also likes extra work to do outside BCF, like speed work at the track to improve her running.

Keep up the great work Chelsea!! – Mike 

I stumbled upon CrossFit while trying to overcome a bit of a lull with my regular workout routine.  I exercised through sports growing up, and then consistently as an adult, but with that consistency I had to add more time to my workouts to get the same results.  With four kids and an already busy schedule, finding additional time to exercise was becoming a struggle.   I heard about CrossFit in a class at the gym and looked up the closest one to me.  I feel SO lucky it happened to be Beaverton Crossfit.  I was addicted on my first workout.   Though I was super nervous to walk into a gym of so many fit people, I was warmly welcomed by everyone there.  I was fairly new to weight lifting at the time (and was brand new to everything else “Crossfit”), but I never felt intimidated or judged by my lack of skill.  Everyone at BCF has been very helpful, informative and patient as I work towards my goals.

Crossfit is addictive.  I am not sure if it is the encouraging and knowledgeable coaches, or the comradery of hard work, or the competitive nature of the WOD’s, but I am hooked.  I feel a great sense of pride after every workout.  “Did I really just do that?”  And that pride takes me through the rest of the day, knowing that if I can run with a 30 pound sand bag around my neck and keep going even though I kind of want to die, or survive round 8 of wall ball tabatas, I can pretty much do ANYTHING.

Thanks to all the team at BCF for pushing me beyond what I ever thought I’d be capable of physically and especially for pulling me out of the treadmill and spin class doldrums! 


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