September 2012

Seb Mermet –

Sebastien came to BCF late Nov of last year. I knew right away he was slightly different than our average walk-in client. We had seen him earlier at a Nike CrossFit class, but that was a scaled down version of what we normally do. Seb had a drive to win and I could see he was a competitor. I liked him right away. Talk about fast! Holy molie!  This guy could run, do body weight moves, gymnastic moves and was a metabolic machine.  I was trying to keep up with him and meet or beat his times, hard to do. Seb is working on his over all strength and when he gets up to snuff, BEWARE!  You think he is a beast now? But for as good as he is, Seb is humble and graceful. Always a kind word going out to those around him as they finish up. A true BCF’er…We all look forward to training with Seb and watching him grow as a CrossFitter…along with his lovely wife Emilie who trains as well.  Its good for kids to see mom and dad training so hard, keep up the great work Seb!



I’ve always done sports since my childhood, from ski, acrobatic sports, Rugby to several other sports.

Born and raised in France, I moved to Oregon eight and half years ago for work, I did try several sports here like soccer, kite surfing or running but after few races, I got quickly bored of running.  

In the past several years I’ve started to struggle too with my body. Not necessarily increased weight but my muscles turning to fat and my belly getting bigger, I felt weaker than before. I’ve never been a huge fan of gyms, classes and workouts there, I usually couldn’t get over the “no goal” aspect of it, but most of all, the overall atmosphere of a gym is something that I don’t enjoy at all.

6 months ago, Stew, my colleague at Nike, talked to me about CrossFit and how it changed his life. He organized a day at BCF for few people at work. After that day, I was hooked.

Crossfit seemed the perfect fit for me. I love the competitive aspect of it and the team spirit. I always find my motivation to get better through the people that I train with challenge yourself and get better with the help of other competitors has always been my motivation in sports.

The collective WOD and the energy that it provides you is something amazing: The cheers, the struggles, the wins, the fails and all the rest.

The community part is also great. I like getting to see familiar faces and start to build complicity with people.

And I feel better in my body. Of course I feel stronger, but I feel I have more energy, I need less sleep overall and my global posture got better, especially from an upper body point of view.

I want to give a special thanks to Mike, Christine, Brian and Val. It is not really often that you get coaches that you fully trust, but most of all that inspired you to be better.

My turning point was when Mike and Brian pushed me to the Oregon CrossFit games. Of course, I didn’t perform amazingly, but it gave me the will to push myself in every WOD.

By joining BCF, I’ve truly understood the meaning of the word “community”. The support, the camaraderie, the friendly competition and the daily challenges have truly been amazing for me.

– Thanks, Seb




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