September 2013

I started CrossFit 8 months ago and this is by far the longest I have stuck with a fitness plan. I knew I could not stick with a plan by myself, so I joined with two friends. Thanks Janet and Maria! I like CrossFit because it is fun every time and a different workout with the trainers pushing you to achieve. I know I would not be doing what I am capable of doing if they were not there. I feel better, look better and am stronger and look forward to continuing to lose weight and tone up. Thank you!

Sylvia came to BCF in January of this year. She was a little intimidated and scared at first but was soon in full swing and going for it. Sylvia shows up consistently and gives it her all every class. As the weeks and months have ticked by, the old Sylvia went away and a new Sylvia emerged. Leaner, stronger and fitter!
Sylvia always has a smile on her face and likes to have fun while training. She also is a positive cheer leader for her fellow athletes. You can tell when Sylvia is suffering or not happy when she starts yelling at you in Spanish…beware.
We all look forward to seeing Sylvia continue her health and fitness journey here at BSC…great work!!