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Saturday Dec 5 – Wishing on a WOD
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Saturday Dec 12 – Holiday Party – Casino Night

Saturday Feb 13 – Valentine’s Day Massacre

BCF Main – CrossFit

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A: Metcon (No Measure)

Shoulder and hip mobility

Face pulls x 20

Alt DB raises x 20 light

Cossack x 20 (10 each)

Long lunge w/back+forth x 10

2 rounds

B : Snatch complex EMOM (EMOM 10 x 1 rep, build over sets)

1 power snatch

1 OH squat

1 hang snatch
Focus on good overhead position and deep receiving position

C: Clean and jerk complex 3 (Build to a heavy in 20 min)

1 power clean

1 hang clean

1 front squat

2 split jerk
Focus on speed under and solid lockout on jerks, do not compromise movement for weight

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