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Main WOD

Metcon (Time)

9/11 WOD

Row 2001 meters

Then 11 reps of the following:

Box Jumps (36″/24″)
Thrusters (#125/85)
Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Power Cleans (#175/120)
Handstand Push-ups
Kettlebell Swings (#70/53)
Toes to Bar
Deadlifts (#170/120)
Push Jerk (#110/75)

Row (or Run) 2001 meters
You may choose to do the 9/11 WOD today

Around the World (No Measure)

5 movements @ 70%
1 min each for 30 min

Competition WOD

Around the World (No Measure)

5 movements @ 70%
1 min each for 30 min


SW-A: Weight Vest Box Jump (8 x 2)

Box jumps done with weight vests of varying weights.
*Rest 45 sec.
**Heavy vest.
***Focus on full hip and leg extension. Box height needs to be a few inches higher than you can jump and land on fully extended so it gives you a target.

SW-B: Deadlift (12 Minute Sadiv Set @ 60%+ 1RM)

*As many explosive reps as possible in 12 min. Tight, braced, arms extended set up. Pull as fast as possible off of floor to lockout.
**Use 60%+ of your 1 RM. If you hit over 36 reps (1 every :20 sec) last time, add 10 lbs this time.

SW-C: Back Squat (1 x 20 @ 50% 1RM AFAP)

*Controlled but quick descent, explosive as possible ascent, no pause at top. Finish set as fast as you can.
**Aim for 40-45 sec.

SW-D1: Glute-Ham Raises (3 x 8)

*Add weight if possible.
**Alternate b/t D1 & D2.

SW-D2: Weighted Single Leg Glute Bridge (3 x 10)

Add weight with DB or BB across hips. The axle bar works well for this.
*Alternate b/t D1 & D2.

SW-E: Ab Wheel Roll Outs (3 x 8-10 @ 23X0 Tempo)

*From knees or feet. Choose the hardest difficulty for number of reps.
**Use a wall as a stop for scaling.

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