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M-1: Around the World (No Measure)

5 movements @ 70%
1 min each for 30 min

M-2: Muscle-ups (MU practice / kip / transitions – 10-15 min)

M-3: Double under practice (No Measure)

10 min DU

Competition WOD

C-1: Metcon (No Measure)

400m run x 3 ; rest 2:1 80% effort

C-2: Skill dip/MU/DU (No Measure)

3 sets not for time of
10 ring dips
5 MU
50 DUs


SW-A: Bench Press (5-4-3-2-1)

*This is the same rep scheme that we did last week. Aim to do at least 5 lbs more on each set than you did previously.
**It’s not necessary but if you feel like it, go for a new 1RM. It’s alright to do multiple singles.
***If tthis is your first time doing this scheme, start your first set (set of 5 reps) at 80% of your 1 RM and add 5-10 lbs or 2-3% each set afterwards.

SW-B1: Single Arm Dumbell Press (4 x 8 each side)

SW-B2: Single Arm DB Row (4 x 15)

Bent over DB row with one arm.

SW-C1: Banded Cross Pulls (3 x 10 with 3 second hold at shoulder height.)

Drape a band over pull up rack, grab an end with each hand, squeeze your grip tight, keep arms tensed as much as possible, pull down to sides with straight arms. Keep shoulder blades retracted.
*Alternate b/t C1 & C2.

SW-C2: Snatch Grip Shrugs (3 x 15)

Strict shrug with snatch grip.
*Alternate b/t C1 & C2.

SW-D: GripsFear Farmer’s Carry (3 x Max Distance – Heavy)

*Use the red ball grips for farmer’s carry’s.

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