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No make up today….rest up for 15.1

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1k row (No Measure)

Easy pace….Z1

Easy skill work (No Measure)

Pick 2 movements and work on them
Pick 2 gymnastic movements or 1 gymnastic and DUs….


Metcon (No Measure)

Mobility/Skills w/ Rich

Thursday @ 6:30 pm


3 rounds


10-Active hang (front lever practice)

10-Squat therapy (3 pos. box squat)

10-Dead bugs (thanks Dawna)

B)Mobility (2 minutes / side)

T12 mobilization w/ belly breathing

Couch Stretch

Banded Lat Stretch

Kettle bell Pec smash

Gut mobilization

Box ankle mobility

Dynamic Squat


Ring Progression for MU

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