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Around the World (No Measure)

5 movements @ 70%
1 min each for 30 min


SW-A: Ring Push Ups (3 x Max Reps)

Push Up til shoulders touch rings or below.

SW-B1: Ring Rows (3 x 12)

SW-B2: Overhead Band Pull Apart (3 x 12)

Pull apart that starts with arms locked out overhead in a press position.

SW-C: Bottoms Up Kb Press (4 x 8)

Kb press with the Kb upside down.

SW-D1: Clean Grip Shrug (4 x 6)

Shrug from clean grip. Use hook grip or straps if you have them.

SW-D2: Overhead DB Tricep Extension (4 x 8)

SW-E: Hex Grip Farmers Carry (3 x Max)

Grab around the flat surface of the “bell” part of a set of dumbbells and walk for distance. Bell should be hanging lengthwise from hand.

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