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Main WOD

Around the World (No Measure)

5 movements @ 70%
1 min each for 30 min

Olympic lifting

Metcon (Distance)

30s row @ 90%
30s rest / walk
30 sets
Try to maintain avg watts 300/260


SW-A: Multiposition Power Clean (6 x 3)

Mid quad, mid shin, floor.
*Rest 120 sec.

SW-B: Front Squat (6 x 4)

Tempo of 30X0.
*Rest 100 sec.

SW-C: Snatch Grip RDL (1 x 20)

RDL from snatch grip width.
1 set AFAP. Aim for sub 30 sec. Use heavier weight than last time if you have done before. Use 40% of DL 1RM if this is your first time.
*Start from standing and go just below knee.

SW-D: Weighted GHD Sit Up (3 x 10)

Weighted GHD sit up with bar in back rack (ideally) or with weight on chest.

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