Trainer’s Talk – 2016 in Review

2016 – A Year in Review

What an amazing year!!! Wodify is very cool as it tracks all sorts of info, which is why it is a good idea to record your scores! And we all know that some people don’t enter scores so the numbers are probably a little on the low side….awesome!
  • We added 127 new athletes in 2016…Whoa! Some of these may have been returning people, but still…
  • You all attended 23,900 classes…what?
  • Busiest day? That’s right…Monday
  • We had 3,400 PRs!!  Woot woot!!
  • Of those 3,400 PRs, 3,100 were weightlifting based
  • Most PR’d lift???  2 position snatch
  • Top 3 Male/Female on the PR leaderboard are:
    • John Ragacki/Haley Rayburn
    • Chris Pearcey/Rana Schnaubelt
    • Dean Durfee/Molly Williams
  • It’s no surprise that attendance plays a part in performance…top 3 Male/Female in attendance:
    • Chris Pearcey/Rana Schnaubelt
    • Andrew Graham/Colette Matsuda
    • Jonathan Bermudez/Molly Williams
  • Most active on responding to others posts and results…Chris P. and Colette M.
  • Total workouts performed as Rx – 6,600 , Rx+ – 94
  • Top 3 lifts we performed, in order:
    • Back squat (absolute strength)
    • Deadlift
    • And of course…bench press
  • We moved a total of 1.7 million pounds!!! Are you kidding me?
This is a great reason to make sure you input your data and make sure you are signed in to every class.

Make 2017 your year to rule the leader board!!

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