Trainer’s Talk – Balance

Balance….what does it mean to you?  Standing on one leg atop a fence post? Walking a tight rope? Finding time for yourself, kids, spouse, work, etc…


The answer is all of these and more. I want to talk about training balance. As in trying to be the complete athlete, or as close as we can get to it.

How do we get there? Not as easy a task as it may seem. It’s not just showing up and going through the motions, you need a realistic plan and a map of how to get to the goals you set. This can done a few ways. We try to program to cover all domains of fitness, i.e.-strength work, interval training, metcons, Oly lifting, gymnastic moves, etc….If you follow the BCF programming on a REGULAR basis you will achieve great results. If you show up now and then, not so much.


The balance comes in where you may want to increase your strength and can only make it in a few days a week. What about conditioning? Intervals? Gymnastics?


I have watched some athletes focus on one domain and their other systems have suffered greatly for it.  It is great to be strong but you need to balance it out. Just as it is great to be able to run a 20min 5K, you need to maintain strength as well.


As athletes and humans we need to be able to do as many different tasks and efforts as possible, efficiently. If you are doing strength work 2Xs a week, a metcon or 2, and some interval work, then you are in a good place. If not then you should look at your training plan and adjust as needed.


My suggestion is as follows, train with the WODs on a consistent basis or get on a specialized program designed just for you. We handle both of these at BCF.


Everyone has come so far in the last year, let’s capitalize on that and take it to next level. That may mean getting a pull up or PRing Fran….it doesn’t matter where you fall in this category as long as you forge ahead.