Trainer’s Talk – Box Squatting

The benefits of the box squat are many. First is the fact that squatting on a box forces you to pause at the bottom, which causes you to recruit more muscle fibers to get you out of the hole and back up to the top. More muscle fibers recruited equals more strength and more growth. Another benefit is that you can sit back farther than you could if a box wasn’t under you. This places more stress on the hamstrings and gluteus muscles, which are key movers in this movement. A third benefit is that you can accurately set how low you’ll go in your descent, simply by adjusting the box height. Most of us are wanting below parallel, unless you are injured. If so, you just need a slightly taller box. Last, but in no way least, the box is a great tool for teaching yourself proper squatting technique — and the heavier your squat gets, the more important technique is. Things like torso position, depth, adductor activation all can be focused on with box squatting. As we transition into our “regular” squats you can still use the box for warming up and developing good motor patterns.

I have already seen a huge improvement in many of you with regards to your front squat. The box is really helping so stay at it for the next week or so. Keep the elbows high and out, chest tall, pull the floor apart with your feet and drive out of your heels/mid foot.

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