Trainer’s Talk – Failing Now to Win Later

Sometimes in training we tend to lose track of why we are doing the things we do. Training is just that, training…we don’t need to win every WOD, PR every lift or run 100% all the time. Sometimes we need to slow down and work on technique or practice a certain movement to be more efficient. It’s OK to do this during your training time. If you need to practice pull ups, don’t worry about your score or time, just do the best pull ups you can for that day. Training.  If you fail a lift, no worries… it’s training. There is a saying among athletes, “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough”…there is truth to that. I don’t want you failing all the time, but once in a while is OK and good to do.

When you see workouts posted as 80% or 85%, use those to try new things or adjust your current technique to be better.  When you see 95-100%, go all out of course. Know when to go hard and when to make adjustments.  We will let you know when certain days are tests and when you can back off.

I know some you have a hard time not being in the top group of finishers…you may use a smaller box, lighter ball or do incomplete ROM… screw that! Step up your game. No one cares if you are not 1st. Go bigger, slower or best ROM in the room. You need to get it out of your head that you need to be 1st.  Go for the heavier bar or wall ball. So what if you miss a rep or fail a lift, then you know your limit. If you don’t fail you will never know your limits. This will hurt later as an athlete.

That all being said, when it comes to test, you will be squared away and ready to crush…no holding back, no failing, and no excuses.


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