Trainer’s Talk – Hammer and Nails

Training can be many things depending on the day. Some days it may be fun, rewarding, exciting, and make you feel like a super star.  Yet other days it may be a bit depressing, seem stupid, and make you wonder “why do I do this”?  I call this the “hammer and nail” situation.  Some days you’re the hammer….and some you’re the nail.  That is to say some days you crush your workout, and others it crushes you.  Why is this? Many factors go into a training session.  How much sleep did I get? What did I eat yesterday? Am I stressed about something? And so on. You need to take all these things into account each day.  They affect your training greatly and maybe more than we realize.

I know about 2 years ago I hit a 195# snatch at a local throw down….and I can’t get past 185# today. Pretty frustrating. I’m the nail on that one. I used to be a great runner. Surgery on a knee and being imbalanced has left me a fraction of what I used to do.  I’m the nail on that one too. Does this mean I stop trying and be depressed about it? Heck no.  I just keep plugging away and maybe it comes back, or maybe not. It’s not the end of the world for me. I am making gains in other aspects of training. I now have butterfly C2B, I’m the hammer on those. My MUs are really good now as well as HSPU.  I’m hammering those as well. I see lots of you now in the gym getting stronger, getting pull ups, getting MUs, running faster, and getting better at Oly-lifts.  Those are all hammer days for you.  Embrace those moments and keep hammering away on the weaknesses.
Even on days when we don’t yield the results we are looking for, we are still building things like character, toughness and fortitude.  A foundation built on these things is very strong and will allow for long term growth. This is our goal…a strong foundation to build on.  Embrace what you can, learn when you can, achieve what you can.  You are all doing amazing and I am super proud of you all.

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